Latest On-Line Service

Over the last seventeen months, our church services have evolved from just being in church to a recorded service from the manse garden; to involving worship leaders, readers and people giving testimony to what God is doing in their life, all with music from our music group.

We make a further transition as we broadcast our service live from Holcombe Brook Church. We will be broadcasting on to our YouTube channel, so you will still be able to access the service through YouTube. The difference is that clearly you will not be able to watch the service until 10:30 when it starts. We will be broadcasting just before 10:30 so you don’t need to wait until the exact time, but if you have been used to watching the service at 8 o’clock in the morning, I am afraid that you will have to wait until 10:30.

Should you join after 10:30 while the service is still running, it will be like coming to church after it has started – you will join us at whatever part of the service we are up to. If you wait until after the service is finished, you can watch the service from the start.

If you want to watch the service, please click on the link here:


Should you wish to respond to the service, asking for prayer, safeguarding support or information, please visit and we will get back to you.