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A much wider Circuit was formed in 1949; Bury Union Street, Brunswick and Ramsbottom all joined the Bury Circuit. At that time the officials at Holcombe Brook were;

Circuit Stewards
Mr. G. Schofield
Mr. G. Taylor

Society Stewards
Mr. L. Walsh
Mr. J. Holden

Mr. A. Schofield Church

Trust Treasurer & Secretary
Mr. J. Schofield

Mr. A. Schofield

Mr. J. Schofield

Sunday School Superintendents
Mr. E. Schofield
Mr. R. Bowker

Primary Superintendents
Miss N. Holden
Miss M. Hutchinson

Sunday School Secretary
Mr. C. Ashworth

Women’s Work president
Mrs. L. Pilling

Women’s Work secretary
Mrs. N. Nuttall

Overseas Missions Secretary
Miss V. Ellis

Mr. T. Pilling

Membership then stood at 55. At the time of the last return, November 1984, members totaled 111, Adherents numbered 320, and there were 89 Sunday School scholars under 13 years of age, and 33 between the ages of 13 and 20. Ministers who have served the Church, guiding it through its ups and downs have been:

Rev. T. Baskerville
Rev. F. G. Clements
Rev. J. E. Shepherd
Rev. W. J. Hopper
Rev. J. Collinge
Rev. J. A. Harris
Rev. J. G. Hartley
Rev. Earl Gray
Rev. T. Webber
Rev. J . H. Allchurch
Rev. J. T. Hodge
Rev. J. Foulger
Rev. E. Cook
Rev. J. H. Phillipson
Rev. W. S. Micklethwaite
Rev. J . H. Baron
Rev. W. D. Lister
Rev. Renshaw
Rev. Barlow
Rev. Savage
Rev. Baker
Rev. E. Robinson
Rev. Simmonds
Rev. Hagarth
Rev. W. A. E. Hall
Rev. W. R. Reed
Rev. J. Lowe
Rev. C. Pitt
Rev. C. Welch
Rev. B. Binnington
Rev. F. Thomas
Rev. N. W. Wright
Rev. J. D. Pawson
Rev. D. Nicholls
Rev. E. Hardwicke
Rev. G. Pullen
Rev. J . A. Palmer
Rev. M. J. Prowting
Rev. A. Skipsey, the present Minister.

We celebrate the Centenary with thanksgiving in our hearts and pray to God for the strength and guidance to go forward into a second century saying, with Joseph Hart,:

“We’ll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for all that’s to come’:

Present Church Officials. February 1985

Rev. A. Skipsey

Church Secretary
Mr. J. C. Ashworth

Church Treasurer
Mr. J. Atkin

Church Stewards 
Mrs. N. Ashworth
Miss D. Mould
Mrs. J. Holden
Mr. I. Hutchinson

Communion Stewards
Mrs. M. Towers
Mrs. D. Whalley
Mrs. M. Bryan

Property Secretary
Mr. W. E. Holt

Property Steward
Mr. R. Crichton

Pastoral Committee Secretary
Mrs. S. Hutchinson

Family Committee Secretary
Mrs. M. Sampson

Neighborhood Committee Secretary
Mrs. M. Bell

World Service Secretary
Mr. M. H. Kay

Home Missions Secretary
Mrs. E. Radcliff

Finance Committee Secretary
Mr. C. Hampson

Mr. J. M. Edwards

Womens Work Secretary
Miss G. Cox

Sunday School Secretary
Mrs. E. Harrison

Sunday School Superintendent
Mrs. J. Davies

Ladies Fellowship Secretary
Mrs. E. Rowland

Church and Prayer Fellowship Secretary
Mr. M. Pittam

Share and Care Groups Co-ordinator
Mr. P. Booth

Brownie Leader
Mrs. K. Redgrave

Guide Leader
Mrs. S. Howard

Youth Fellowship Leaders
Mrs. S. Holt
Mr. P. Booth
Mr. J. Moilliet

Youth Club Co-ordinator
Mr. W. Davies

Play Group Leaders
Mrs. G. Atkin
Mrs. C. Spencer

Push Chair Club
Mrs E. Booth

Meeting Point
Mrs. B. Atkin

Flower Secretaries
Mrs. G. Atkin
Mrs. L. Taylor


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