Ministries – Sunday Club

Sunday groups for children and teenagers

Sunday Club

The Sunday Club is run by a dedicated team of individuals to serve the children and young people each Sunday. The club is split into three age groups.

All groups begin together as they are introduced to the theme of the morning. The groups then split into their age ranges which are 4 to 7 years (Reception to year 2), 8 to 10 years (Year 3 to 5) and 11+ years (Year 6+).

The primary school age groups work on a 15 minute cycle of worship, teaching and craft and then finish with Games.

The high school age group go into the lounge with sofas and play games and engage in the Bible in creative ways.

We take church services at the Sunday Club Anniversary and at Christmas, and prior to these services the format of Sunday Club changes for practices and preparation.

The emphasis is to ensure that the children and young people have fun but all that they achieve is done with Christ at the centre. They are special and should enjoy coming to church to meet with a living God.